Permeability in sands and gravels can help determine the drainage and porosity characteristics of materials.

This information aids in asphalt pavement design and placement.

The Permeameter conforms to ASTM D2434 for determining permeability of soils, sands & gravels by the constant head method.

Required equipment consists of a Permeameter, and a manometer panel
to measure the flow-rate of water, a constant head tank to provide the
water source, along with a stopwatch.

The inside of the cylinder at each port is machined out & lined
with a #100 mesh stainless steel screen to prevent outward migration of
fines during the test.

A spring inside the top is used to apply between 5-10 pounds of force against the top sample porous stone or screen.

This is to prevent material density changes during the test.4.5″Sand/Gravel Permeameter.