This is a new and improved sulfur mortar capping compound that ensures even load distribution during concrete strength testing. Ultra-thin, low-odor flakes are carefully formulated from sulfur and mineral filler. Compressive strength exceeds 8,000psi at two hours for ASTM C617 tests of 2in cubes, and bond strength is 150psi or more. Strength and bond properties of capped specimens does not degrade over time, even when stored in humid conditions.

Bags are 50lb

Reliable sulfur mortar capping compound offers faster melting times and lower optimum pour temperature
Ultra-thin flakes melt quickly at 230° to 240° F (110° to 115°C) with reduced odor
Compound is not damaged by overheating and can be re-melted with no loss of properties
Compliant with current AASHTO T 231, ASTM C287, and ASTM C617 standards