The Type B Air Meter is one of the most precise air content measuring devices available. With heat treated, cast aluminum construction and cast in handles on the base, the AR-B is heavy duty, yet lightweight, and easy to handle.

Units are pressure tested and calibrated before each shipment. Every meter is assigned a specific customer serial number.

Utilization of clamping system, with stainless steel clamp levers and a holding capacity of 2500 lbs each
Use of high volume Ultra Pump™ that allows for quick, efficient operation
Larger more accurate pressure gauge with safety glass and bold color dial face
Each unit includes a carrying case, instructions, and equipment needed to perform calibration and concrete tests
Compliant with current ASTM C231 AND AASHTO T 152 standards

Parts included:

Type B pressure meter
Polyethylene case with inner reinforced walls to hold meter and accessories in place
Calibrated Vessel
Calibrated Outside Tube
Calibration Inside Tube
Strike Off Bar
24″ Long Tamping Rod 5/8″ diameter rounded to a hemispherical tip at both ends
3 oz. Bulb Syringe

Includes: ISO17025:2017 Calibration

Part# HM-30S