Touchscreen controller with easy to use, step-through instructions
Leveling legs
Stainless steel, corrosion resistant construction
500 gram load cell with mechanical overload protection
0.25 in. Linear Variable Displacement Transducer (LVDT)
NIST traceable platinum RTD
Temperature Range: -40 – 25 ˚C
Operating Temperature: Ambient to -40 ˚C
Mechanical refrigeration system
Cooling coil located in test bath. No pumping required.
Programmable Test Parameters, Detailed Test Reporting
Digital controls
Out of tolerance indicator lights for: air bearing, LVDT, load cell, RTD, load shaft alignment & system check
USB port on front and back of unit for upgrades and data downloads, as well as printer connection
Ethernet capabilities
Latest BBR software
VNC Viewer- Remote monitoring capabilities with smart phone or tablet app

Unit Includes

Calibration Kit
(1) Step disk & Index, (4) 50 gram weights, (2) 2 gram weights
Confidence Beam, Non-Compliance Beam
Wood Storage Case
Specimen Mold Kit for (5) Molds (also sold separately – See OV-9510)
Aluminum Casing Bars, Mylar Strips, & Holding Bands
127 mm Length, with end piece location marks
6.4 mm Thick, 12.7 mm Wide
Crack Sealant Mold Kit for (6) Molds
Holding bands
Aluminum bars, end pieces & plate:
(12) 165.00 mm x 19.00 mm Side Bar
(12) 12.70 mm x 19.00 mm Spacer Bar
(6) 177.00 mm 13.00 mm Bottom Plate
Stylus & Clip


A source of compressed air with a pressure of at least 60 psi is required for operation
Non-flammable Ethylene Glycol mixture recommended for cooling bath fluid

Electrical Requirements 115V, 1ph, 50/60 Hz

Dimensions: 24 in. W x 23.5 in. H x 26.5 in. D

Weight: Approximately 148 lbs.

OV-9400 (115 volt)
OV-9450 (230 volt)