Gralab Timer (120V/60Hz) 
general purpose timer with two three-wire grounded outlets to
automatically switch external devices on or off. It provides precise
timing with second and minute-hand settings, and has an end of cycle
alarm. The 6.5in (165mm) face has a large, easy-to-read dial with minute
and second graduations. Controls up to 1/3hp motor or 1,200 Watt
resistive load. It is housed in a 7.5×2.5×7.5in (190.5×63.5×190.5mm)
WxDxH plastic case. Covers protect timer switches against corrosion and
contamination. This unit has rubber base pads, wall-mounting keyholes
and a recessed hand grip.

Can be used as an interval or elapsed time indicatorSplit-second accuracyPower switch to start timing cycleBuzzer signals at end of timing