Wireless NDT Corrosion Detection

A non-destructive testing tool for detailed corrosion evaluation of reinforced concrete structures without the need to have an electrical connection to the rebar.

High Precision Sensors

Corrosion rate mapping of rebar
Corrosion potential mapping of rebar
In-situ real electrical resistivity of concrete
Ambient temperature and relative humidity


ICOR® is a unique NDT device for the condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures that can be used for:

Detection of corrosion in the reinforcement
Measurement of corrosion rate in concrete structures
Measurement of real in-situ electrical resistivity of concrete
Determination of corrosion potential of rebar in concrete
Rehabilitation and repair of concrete structures

Patented Technology

iCOR® benefits from the patented CEPRA technology that makes it possible to estimate the corrosion rate of rebar through a non-invasive approach. This means that the need for connecting the device to the rebar (which is the case for other commercial devices) is eliminated in iCOR®.

This makes iCOR® the most convenient corrosion rate measurement device in the field as well as offering an innovative research tool for laboratory studies.