Part #NC-1001C – Please specify voltage when requesting pricingAASHTO T308 & ASTM D6307Asphalt binder ignition testing is an environmentally friendly and
cost effective test method to determine asphalt content of paving
mixtures and ensure high quality and economical asphalt productThe ignition method reduces testing time when compared to solvent extractionA 1,200-1,800g sample of asphalt can be tested in 30-45 minutes with the NCAT FurnaceThe unit can accommodate samples up to 5,000g at extended testing timesThe method also eliminates the cost of solvent, the secondary cost
of solvent disposal and safety concerns when handling solvent in the lab
(1) Asphalt content tester
(1) Electronic balance 
(1) Hearth tray, gray silicon carbide
(8) Ceramic tube supports, inside furnace chamber
(1) Instruction manual, inside furnace chamber 
(6) Replacement fuses
2 qty   1.6 Amp Fuse, Little Fuse #23901.6 All Models, (part number FZX47)2 qty   4 Amp Fuse, Schurter #034.3123 All Models, (part number FZX53)2 qty   6.3 Amp Fuse, Schurter #FSTO34.3125, (part number FZX61)