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Pyrolytic Oven is a high-temperature oven that replaces the obsolete Pyro-Clean™
Designed for performing safe, solvent-free cleaning of asphalt and other organic residues from laboratory equipment and glassware
Touchscreen technology & fully automatic. Saves time for a more efficient lab environment
Risks and cost of hazardous waste handling and disposal, glass breakage and labor are reduced or eliminated
Leaves lab equipment flawlessly clean for testing
Chamber temperatures up to 900°F (482°C) burn off organic contaminants
Smoke and gases from exhaust are consumed in the downstream oxidizer at 1300 to 1500°F (704 to 816°C) assuring odorless, smoke-free emissions
User friendly, menu-driven programming allows completely automatic operation and system monitoring diagnostics
The 2.5ft³ (71L) chamber holds up to 70 RTFO bottles on the two catalyst-filled shelves
37.9 x 32.8 x 59.3in (963 x 833 x 1,506mm) WxDxH
Shipping Weight – 450lbs.
240V / 60 Hz, single-phase