Sample Ejectors extrude compacted asphalt and soil samples from Soil Density Molds or Marshall Molds and are available in two models:
MM-9410 4in Sample Ejector includes a 4in Extruder Disc to extract soil or asphalt samples from 4in (102mm) molds.
MM-9400 4in / 6in Sample Ejector includes
a 6in Extruder Disc as well as a 4in Adapter Ring and Extruder Disc Set
to allow for extrusion of samples from either 4 or 6in (152mm) Marshall
or compaction molds.
The 4in Adapter Ring and Extruder Disc Set as well as the 6in Extruder Disc can be purchased separately as replacement items.
The sturdy three-column frame is constructed of plated steel and
houses a 12,000lbf (53.4kN) capacity hand-operated hydraulic jack with
5in (127mm) stroke. Two wing nuts allow for quick changing of the
Adapter Rings and Extruder Discs.
Dimensions: 9.5″ x 10′ X 24″ tall
12,000lbf (53.4kN) capacity hydraulic jackAdjusts for molds up to 11.75in (279mm) in heightCorrosion-resistantReduces sample preparation time
Included Items:
Sample Ejector4in (102mm) Extruder Disc4in (102mm) Adapter Ring (model MM-9400 only)6in (152mm) Extruder Disc (model MM-9400 only)